Advertising And Its Effect On Advertising Essay

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In day’s society, the advertisement industry is needed to make rational decisions when purchasing goods. Advertisements are paid announcements that companies make to inform consumers about their products. The main role of advertisements is to inform and teach the consumers of the good of the product. Advertisements can be helpful in making decisions and as well as be misled. Advertisements are the reason why companies make profits off of unnecessary goods. There are companies today that misuse their power of advertising and advertise harmful products. If there are more advertisements created, then the sales of products will increase. Advertisements today draw consumers into purchasing goods, donating goods and as well as continuing to use the good for a long time. Companies like Maybelline continue to create advertisements, due to fast growth rate of competition but also to stay on the top of other cosmetic companies. Companies advertise for their own benefits. There are advertisements in today’s industry that use pathos to draw consumers towards them. The ads create a positive and emotional approach to attack the consumer into thinking they have to follow the advertisement. Let’s take the Red Cross for example, “…we help save lives… simple actions we can take…doesn’t take much time…become part of something bigger than us all”, the use of pathos is vivid (Red Cross). Red Cross uses an emotional approach to make consumers feel guilt for not donating blood. The target is…

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