Advertisement Analysis: When Ordinary Soap Just Won T Do?

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Dettol is the trade name for a line of hygiene products manufactured by Reckitt Benckiser. It has been in use since before 1936, when it was used after surgery as an antiseptic. Dettol being used for protect human from illness and it can kill’s up to 99.9% of bacteria. It been trustfulness by the world to helps clean wound and for personal hygiene purpose. It Contains 4.8% of chloroxylenol, pine oil, isopropanol, castor oil, soap and water. Dettol have several product that gender to use on skin but also have strong product to use for the environment germ-killing tasks, like product should be contain in First Aid till Laundry Sanitiser, with the form from liquids to sprays and soaps.
The Vision and Mission of the company is to keep people healthy
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For clean hands every day!”
This advertisement is effective in terms of the message that it is describe, which is that it can kill all the bacteria and clean your hand no matter in what situation. However, Dettol executed the delivery of the message badly. The feeling derived from this advertisement is bringing the feel of even if you murder someone you can clean your sin by washing the blood on your hand with Dettol, It against our moral and ethical value and bringing misleading of the right or wrong massages to child that not mature enough to judge right or wrong by their own. Thus this advertisement does not teach anything to the audience about the details of protects and cleaning product, it relies heavily on the impression that will make the audience move away from viewing it. This advertisement is unethical for involving murder story in pharmaceutical
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After analyzing the advertisement and determining that it was unethical, I found that a company behaves ethically affects how their customers view them, it regarding the company reputation, the brand image and even will affect their income. After an unethical advertisement released, it take overtime in attempt to fix their brand image.
It’s better to think twice before putting out unethical advertisements, as companies should familiarize themselves with ethical frameworks, by avoiding unethical advertisements will foster a good company reputation, it will help increase awareness among publics of importance, and even could increase their sales and reputation. Majority there’s a gap between the manager’s ethics and the audience ethics. What the advertiser expects is actually difference with what the audiences want. To fix this issue, the advertiser should stand in difference point to view the advertisement, and to train their worker with ethical and morality sense; the companies should have strong moral sensitivity and able to interpret that there is an ethical problem at

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