Advertisement Analysis : Lacoste Spray Advertisement Essay

804 Words Oct 20th, 2014 4 Pages
Advertisement is a technique that targets audiences of diverse products. Nearly all products sell because of their advertisements on web ads, TV, radio, and billboards. Both advertisements use unusual marketing promotions method to aim the attention and succeed over their intended audience. Browsing to different magazines I came to two advertisements that caught my attention. The Lacoste spray advertisement is more efficient than the Tommy Hilfiger fragrance ad since the emotions, authority, and artistic appeal. The Lacoste spray advertisement illustrates the passion and enthusiasm women are looking for in men .Women will stipulate more passionate body spray giving women satisfying. The Lacoste spray advertisement employs numerous exciting colors than the Tommy Hilfiger fragrance mist advertisement which utilizes just feminine colors. Young woman enjoy more passion and exciting colors, creating the Lacoste Spray advertisement more attractive and pleasing. By using those specific colors the Lacoste Spray ad is informing the viewers with powerful and electrifying colors what the consumer will obtain what he or she needs and desires. While the lacoste Spray advertisement illustrates a more touching and thrilling look, Tommy Hilfiger fragrance mist advertisement illustrates a more sexy and womanly look.
The Tommy Hilfiger advertisement adds a different flavor by only illustrating an easy but effective purple color which symbolizes a fresh and radiant appearance. By using their…

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