Advertisement Analysis : Advertising Analysis Essay

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Advertisement Analysis Paper The average person uses the restroom six to eight times per day. This totals to about two thousand five hundred times a year. It’s no surprise that there is a vast market for the bathroom cleaning industry filled with millions of products, slogans, and advertisements. This advertisement in particular is for Ambi Pur, a toilet bowl cleaner. The focal point of this advertisement is an old woman’s face. She has a stern, sophisticated look as she caresses a toilet brush across her chest and onto her shoulder. Her hands, which are dressed in latex cleaning gloves, are placed on top of the young, shirtless man’s arm. He is caressing her from behind and his deep eyes on his chiseled face stare lustily at the older women as she gazes off into the distance. This whole picture is in black and white, except the product in the immediate foreground which is purple and blue. Beside the product are the words “Now that’s an eau de toilette”. This advertisement is directed towards women, particularly those who stay at home and clean, and it also uses positioning of the models and color to send the consumer subjective messages to buy the product. Looking at this photo, it is not difficult to come to a conclusion regarding what kind of consumers this advertisement is directed towards. The older women in the center is the focal point, making the consumers other older ladies like her. The company made strategical decisions while designing this ad in order to appeal…

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