Advantages Of The Nursing System

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CMS are computer software products that coordinate and manage the health care unit well.
It has become more popular for health care service. Health care service is still having some problems. For instance, to improve quality, reduce medical errors. There are many advantages of CMS.

Advantage of CMS

1. Increase productively and reduce medical errors
Firstly, the CMS may bring a lot of benefits to the health care facilities, such as clinic and hospital. The CMS have been greatly improved the management and service quality of clinical care. There are lots of advantages on patient care, security and cost control. The health care provider use CMS to replace the traditional written paperwork record in lots of clinical units. CMS can reduce paperwork
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The cost and security problem of CMS
On the economic perspective, the cost of the system is a big problem. To maintain the system working smoothly and create a perfect system may be overpriced. Furthermore, if the system breaks down or hacked, the patient information and records may divulge. Certainly, there is a leak on privacy protection. Apart from the above problem, the CMS is an on-line system, if the internet connection or the system breakdowns, the IT support and IT administrator may need to take time to recovery or maintenance the system. The normal medical service may be at a standstill during the system breaks down and recovery.

2. Lack of standardization of management system in different clinical facilities
Besides, some of the clinic or hospital may not have standardization on the computer system. Not all clinical facilities are using CMS in Hong Kong so there is a problem on information sharing. Affect the professional understanding and lead to misunderstanding in information sharing by lacking of standardization of management system in different clinical facilities. It may diminish the service
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I learnt how the CMS work in a clinic. In addition, I have learnt that what is the different permission and duties of different role. For example, the nurse needs to manage patient booking in the CMS and the doctor needs to fill in the symptom and create the sick leave letter for the patient.

After this assessment, I think there is room for improvement of CMS. Management system should be standardized to work in partnership with the rest of the health care system to achieve major improvements in the quality of health care. Provide CMS training course to the new staff is a must. Due to well trained in using CMS, the health care provider and staff can use the system effectively. Similarly, the stuff and document management of clinical facilities will become effectively after using CMS.

Each clinical facility’s computer should be installed an effective and powerful firewall and antivirus software to prevent hacking. This may increase the security level of the system that can defend the patient personal

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