Health Determinant Categories Essay

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Register to read the introduction… The way the government is trying to improve the environment is by providing less air pollution and the chance for all people to get an education. Heredity is already given to one person the government is doing research on how to improve the heredity of people who get sick. Medical Care the government is trying to provide to all persons and a universal system. Behavior and lifestyle the government promotes better choices and tries to get people to make healthy choices. There is the Healthy People initiatives where it provides preventive services, health promotions, and …show more content…
With clinical information systems patients medical records can be brought up on a screen instantly instead of taking time to get the file and then look though it. In administrative information system they are there to help with the financial part and can budget things like payroll. The Internet has given people a place to look up information on certain treatment and medicines. This helps with the patient knowing what kind of treatment they will be getting and if there is other options to try first. With better technology it will reduce the time of hospital stays and there are less invasive …show more content…
With health insurance it gives people the ability to pay for the services but also give the consumers and providers to price the service high. Consumer behavior leads to a higher use of health care services when the services are being paid for by the insurance. This is known as moral hazard. If the consumers had to pay out of pocket then many of the services would not be used at all. This is known as provider-induced demand.

12) Gate keeping is significant to primary care and keeping healthcare cost down by keeping patients from having unnecessary procedures and treatments. The primary care doctor is the one who needs to refer the patient to a specialist to seek further treatment and getting admitted to a hospital. Specialist tend to use much more medical tests and procedures than a primary care

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