Vbp Characteristics

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In week 6, I will discuss what value-based purchasing (VBP) is and its characteristics. I will also discuss VBP’s history and its goals. Lastly, I will explain key highlights regarding the future of VBP in healthcare. I will be using the course material and an internet resource. In my conclusion, I will go over the VBP and the future it holds in healthcare. What is Value-Based Purchasing (VBP) and its characteristics? Value-based purchasing defined: “a system in which purchasers hold providers of health care accountable for both the costs of health care and its quality” (Casto, 2013, p. 276). What I believe to be the characteristics of VBP does the following: collects information on quality with cost data, focuses on reducing inappropriate care, and rewards the best-performing providers (Meyer et al. 1997, n.p.) (Casto, 2013, p. 276). I believe these are the great characteristics of VBP. This is exactly what VBP does. It takes the information on quality with cost data. Next, it uses the health care system to reduce costs and inappropriate care or care that was not needed. Finally, it identifies and rewards those who performs the best and provides the best quality care. VBP system will continue to evolve (Casto, 2013, p. 276). What is the history of VBP and its goals? In 2007, …show more content…
“CMS’s vision for America is patient-centered, high-quality care delivered efficiently” (CMS 2009, 1-3). There are 8 key highlights for VBP and they are goals that need to be implemented in every organization in health care, which include: financial protection, value, quality and incentives, accountability among physicians and providers, effectiveness, equal access to care, giving patients more information about their care, support in different settings and giving providers the information they need to do their job (Casto, 2013, p.

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