Advantages And Disadvantages Of Internet

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Internet has become one of the most important daily needs in human daily life. It has been growing needs since the development of new technologies by the developer around the world. Even Smartphone of newer version also are much more useful when they have internet connection.
Internet does have many advantages which is useful for us. But as much Internet does have advantage, it also does have many disadvantages. There are so much can be discussed on disadvantages of Internet. One of the disadvantages is internet addiction. When it comes to internet addiction, our main focus goes to young generation. Internet does allow a user to surf any browser internet, play games via online, watch movies online and many more. So it is a free world through
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Nowadays many hackers found different ways to hack personal information of others such as bank details, credit card details, insurance details, business details and many more important files. With just detecting an IP address of internet user, the hacker can hack the full computer or smart phone and steal all the information. Normally, the victim doest know that their information is stolen. Other than that, cheating also is done through internet such as on social media on BlogSpot. Too much information in social media such as Facebook are seen and scanned by cheater around the world. They will find a way to cheat on the victim and make them suffered by many ways. Creating a fake profile and cheat them by borrowing money through online friends are the famous way through Facebook.
So, in conclusion we still can find many disadvantages of internet. It’s up to the person itself who surf internet to be safe from dangerous website, hacker and cheaters. Internet can be benefited for all the users, but too much of Internet can cause addiction and bring disadvantages in many ways. Adult should be more careful and cautious on their younger ones so they surf internet in safe. Password protected and installing of internet security are the essential way for safety of

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