Advantages And Disadvantages Of Computer

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Nowadays, the definition of computer has become a common knowledge among people all around the world. The computer is arguably one of the most essential devices in our daily life. Despite not coming into use for an exceedingly long time, they show a great helpfulness for our society in several fields. The computers are continuosly developing everyday. As a matter of fact, they are believed to outgrow and become even more intelligent than any humanbeing in the future. Some people claim that as a positive mark. Meanwhile, some have the opposite idea. According to various internet sources, the computer first appeared around the year 1833. At that time, it was described as a rude device and was able to do only a few simple manipulations. As time pass, the computer as well as technology shows an amazing development. In the last century, the computers have grown like a legend. From massively huge machines only used for calculating, they became light and portable gadgets which have the ability to do mostly everything human need. Therefore, the fact that computers will take their control from human is not out of the question. In my personal perspective, there are numorous reasons for us to consider computers’ expansion
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People can gain a lot of benefits from the intelligence of the computers as well as unconviniences. However, although we are all aware of the bad sides of technology and their danger, there is no right way to stop the improvement of the computers and prevent them from developing everyday. Consequently, we have no alternative but to accept the fact that computers are getting more powerful everyday and live with it. To my belief, in order to avoid the worst situations, humanbeings should develop computers and technology in an accurate way, make benefit of them without letting them take the control from

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