Advantage Of Job Rotation

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Effective job rotation specifies the goal. Job rotation must be carefully planned. An optimum training plan helps the employee build upon the skills learned at each step of a job rotation. So, the plan involves the employee participating in a series of jobs on a path that other employees have followed that resulted in a fully trained employee, or the accomplishment of the goal (Pride et al., 2005).

The Benefits of Job Rotation

The benefits of having established robust job rotation programs may be difficult to quantify (Miceli, 2008). “I would expect to see intangible benefits, like increased morale,” he said, which might show up in a measurable metric such as increased productivity and innovation or reduced job turnover and absenteeism.
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With job rotation in place, employees can move around and avoid falling into a rut in one position. Over time, employees develop more skills in a wider array of positions. This provides job stability and equips them for better opportunities to earn promotions. All of these advantages, and better overall development, makes employees more valuable to their employers.. Job Rotation is all about helping employees to grow.
But managers often find it challenging to provide meaningful and hands on learning opportunities. Job rotation is an answer. Employees will gain new skills fast and be more likely to retain them if they are immersed in a situation where they must ramp up their knowledge quickly and start applying it.

Employee Motivation. When employees are exposed to different jobs or assigned new tasks, they try to give their best while effectively dealing with the challenges coming their way. It encourages them to perform better at every stage and prove that they are no less than others. This gives rise to a healthy competition within the organization where everyone wants to perform better than others. Exposing employees to different tasks and functions increase their satisfaction level. Job variation reduces the boredom of doing same task every day. Moreover, it decreases attrition rate of the organization. Employees develop a sense of belongingness towards the organization and stick to it till
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This is why preparation is key to the success of any job rotation program.

Tips for effectively implementing job rotation in order to avoid potential pitfalls by Fiester (2009)

Formulate clear policies regarding who will be eligible and whether employees will be restricted to certain jobs or opportunities will be open to people in all job classifications. A company that is planning to adapt job rotation must think for the right and deserving candidates for it. It must not be done by randomly picking at a bunch of employees. An evaluation and screening process is needed for an employee to fit the job rotation program.

Determine if the program will be mandatory or if employees will be allowed to “opt out.” Will opting out have an adverse impact on their performance appraisal? Job rotation must be a choice for the employees. A company must not force the said program on an unwilling employee for it may only result in negative feedback. An employee must always be allowed whether to accept the said job rotation or reject it, for employees varies from skills especially when it comes to flexibility. Some just want to work at a particular job and some wants challenges from

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