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Introduction to the industry
The outlook towards Indian economy has been very pessimistic from mid 2013 onwards where the country struggled with current account and fiscal deficit, rupee depreciation and high inflation. Only after speeding up of the government approvals and sanction after 2014 there has been has been liberalisation of foreign direct investment in certain sectors have led to an increase in the economic growth in India.
After 2015 the average middle class household 's income is expected to triple. Almost around
57% of the GDP constitutes of consumer spending which is double
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The Indian Parks industry is in its nascent stage and is developing at a rapid pace. As of
January 2015, there are approximately 150 Parks in India. With a population of over 1.21 billion people, the ratio of Parks to people is very small in India. In contrast, the United States has over 400 Parks with a population of approximately 313 million. Only 10.0% to 15.0% of the Parks in India are classified as large parks. The size of the Indian Parks industry is estimated at ₹ 25 billion to ₹ 30 billion, in terms of revenue, with an estimated annual footfall of over 50 million, and the industry has grown between 20.0% and 25.0% over the last five

years. The Parks industry in India is expected to grow to a total size of approximately ₹ 50 billion to ₹ 60 billion over the next five years, in terms of revenue.
Growth Drivers
The major growth drivers for the Parks industry in India include the following: Urbanisation.
As a result of rapid urbanisation, more people in India are looking for entertainment and leisure options.
Gross Domestic Product and Income Growth. More families are prepared to spend money on leisure activities. As the Indian economy grows and industry models in the United States and
Europe are replicated, Parks will be able to market themselves as weekend getaways.
Increase in the Number of Nuclear Families. The number of nuclear households in India increased from 61.0% in 2006 to 66.0% in 2010.
As a

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