Adidas Essay

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1.0 Introduction
1.1 Problem statement
According to Price (2014), any useful marketing research study begins with a clearly defined problem. A clear research problem should declare the specific question that necessitated the research and its importance.
Management decision problem
What can Adidas do to expand its market share to become number one sportswear company in Malaysia?
Marketing research problem
Determine the sportswear users’ preferences and perception of customers toward Adidas sportswear.
1.2 Research questions
1.What are the main considerations of the consumers in sportswear buying?
2.What is the customers’ satisfaction level toward various attributes of Adidas products?
3.Are the customers loyal to Adidas?
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(Quant Marketing, 2013)
Moreover, customer’s satisfaction also important for adidas to measures how well the expectations of a customer concerning a product or service provided by the company have been met. (Education Portal, 2014). Customer satisfaction information can show adidas where to invest to maximize customer loyalty, how to turn everyday customers into delighted customers, and even help adidas recover unsatisfied customers before they write off adidas forever. (Force, M. 2014).
Last, customer consideration research is important for adidas to know that their products have reach customers’ needs or not. It is because customer consideration will influence customer’s purchase behavior. While ethical considerations may shape perceptions of a brand over time, factors such as cost and functionality are much more immediate triggers of purchasing behavior. (, 2014).
Overall, we must ensure that we are positioning Adidas in the advertising and marketing communications based on consumer perceptions of the brand. Therefore, Adidas can know the impression Adidas make on their customers and potential customers through this brand research and then establish appropriate marketing strategy to gain market shares.

2.0 Methodology
2.1 Research method
The researcher conducted the study by using quantitative research method since using fixed-response questions would

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