The Importance Of Active Listening

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Active listening is one of the most essential skills an individual can have in order to make it through the world looking in the eyes of others views. By understanding and enhancing the simple skill of listening, this leads to great lessons in becoming successful and efficient in everyday life. People tend to think that active listening is the same as hearing, however, there is a distinct difference. Hearing is referred to as the noises that are perceived by the ear, while active listening requires concentration and the use of brain functions in order to process the words and sentences being said.
According to the U.S Department of State, there are four major rules to consider when active listening. The first rule explained is “Seek to understand before seeking to be understood”. When we first enter a conversation with someone else or even a group of people, our main goal we focus on as an individual, is to be better understood. However, how can we expect others to understand our views if we don’t fully understand first. When you first enter a conversation it is better to say little or nothing at all. Simply
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When the hospital first heard the idea, it was immediately shut down due to the cost. However, when they went back and actively listened to the ideas from their employees they were able to use donations and a small monthly staff fee in order to implement the on site gym. Another recommendation that they had mentioned was more hand washing stations. By coming up with a cost effective solution, they were able to work together in order to provide more hand washing stations not only for the staff, but also for patients and visitors. The reason these results were able to turn around, and make a better work and healthcare environment was because they employees at the hospital use actively listening to justify ways to help better the hospital. Overall, this had lead to better patient and staff

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