Active Listening, Attention And Values

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The relationship that I chose to write about is the one that I have with my mother because we have a healthy interpersonal relationship and get along well. My mother and I have many conversations in many places about almost any topic imaginable. I find that the best conversations we have are the ones when we haven’t seen one another for a long period of time. Throughout my research I found that the strengths and weaknesses of communication between my mother and I are active listening, attention and values. I believe that my interpersonal relationship with my mother is one of the best that I have, but I also believe that many aspects of that relationship can be improved upon. One of the many reasons that I get along with my mother so well …show more content…
We both enjoy helping others and try to make the world a better place. I took her to out to eat this week for the sake of this paper and I brought up one of the values that we share, helping others. I initiated the conversation by asking her about her work, she is a para at an elementary school because she enjoys helping children. The conversation was going on for a while and then I realized that values are what bring people together. The two interpersonal communication skills talked about previously come naturally when people talk about values that they share. It is easy to listen actively and pay great attention when someone is talking about something that you value deeply. This social interaction was my favorite out of the three discussed in this paper because it was the most enjoyable considering that my mother and I both want to contribute to those who are less fortunate than ourselves. The entire time her and I were both actively listening to each other and paying attention, it was one of the deepest conversations that I have ever had with anyone. We talked about people that we think are in need, world problems and our ideas on how to contribute our time and efforts for the greater good of the human

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