Essay on Academic Integrity At The American University

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“People are simply expected to make decisions for the right reasons, but in any state of mind taking credit for something you never worked for shouldn’t be morally or ethically correct.” Molham Homsi said this in regards to academic integrity at the American University in Dubai (Quotes about Academic Integrity). Looking into the subject of academic integrity there are many ways and positions on how people may define it. It is important to fully understand academic integrity to abide by the morals and values it upholds. Houston Baptist University believes: In practice, academic integrity means holding oneself to the highest ethical standard in all academic pursuits – doing all individual work alone, relying on one’s own knowledge during assessments, engaging truthfully with others, following all university policies and procedures, and encouraging this behavior in fellow students.
As a HBU student, the policies of Houston Baptist University influence students’ academic integrity. Academic integrity consists of understanding the aspects and consequences of plagiarism and applying attribution while upholding the responsibility of being a good student.
Plagiarism is a dishonest act of academic integrity and many people do not fully understand what plagiarism is. Plagiarism is the act of intentionally or unintentionally taking the work or ideas of others and submitting it as your own with the lack of attribution. Plagiarism can happen in a variety of ways, such as the lack of…

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