Essay about Abused And Battered : The Facts Of Domestic Violence

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Abused and Battered; The Facts of Domestic Violence
Domestic violence is a very dangerous and violent crime that needs to be stopped, and needs to be noticed more.There 's many people being abused each year and everyday.This can be prevented and should be prevented. Millions of families and people are hurt by this each year. Theres boys and girls who are hurt, families are torn apart and people are killed and you could help prevent this, by just paying attention and taking a little bit of your time by bringing awareness. The NNEDV does not need money or large sponsors but need people who will bring awareness and will show they care, and will look for the signs of domestic and sexual abuse. A lot of women, families and even kids are impacted by domestic violence, even the employers of their works are and you could help by just bringing awareness. The National Network to End Domestic Violence was founded by a group of girls who have were victims of domestic violence. This group of girls were known as the Domestic Violence Coalition of Public Policy. The NNEDV helps victims of domestic violence to try to get out of the relationship or get away from the abuser or stalker. It helps the victims seek more help and make their life better. A big thing that the NNEDV is about is awareness, the NNEDV helps bring awareness to communities to respond to domestic violence in a different way and be much more aware of the signs of domestic abuse. The NNEDV gives training to people in…

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