Social Ecological Model Of Domestic Violence

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The Social Ecological Model is a model that is utilized to help further understand and determine health-related behaviors in individuals and the population. This model contains five levels which include: intrapersonal, interpersonal, institutional, community and policy. These levels allow for situations to be evaluated and for solutions to be made for improvement. Being a witness to domestic violence has become more realistic and prevalent in the lives of children within the United States. This violence happens more often than people realize. Therefore, being able to evaluate it allows for a deeper look at how it is affecting the children and what is offered to help them cope with it. The violence does not only affect the victims, but those …show more content…
The children within households where domestic violence takes place face consequences relating to emotional, psychological and physical well-being throughout their life. These consequences affect children in different ways depending on their age and gender at the time of exposure to the violence. While looking at the five levels of the Social Ecological Model - intrapersonal, interpersonal, community, institutional and policy - one is able to put themselves in the mindset of a child who is witnessing domestic violence within their household and to see how the factors around said child are affecting the outcomes of their health. This allows for a deeper analysis of the problem that is occurring. When evaluating the problem within the context of the Social Ecological Model, one is able to see where the problems stem, and therefore create solutions within each level of the model. Domestic violence is real and it is within the United States. Children face consequences as a result of witnessing domestic abuse within their household and action needs to be taken to solve this ever-present

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