Domestic Violence: The Real Issue

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The Real Issue.
Domestic Violence is a continuous problem in today’s world even though it goes unspoken and many individual do not consider it a concerning issue. Thus, most of the victims do not speak up so many individuals do not know how domestic violence beginnings or what are the effects of being a victim of domestic violence. Some people might think that domestic violence is alright because they have been around this kind of abuse from an early age. Although this issue is not highly advertised, it still is a problem in our society. We are blinded by the word domestic violence, we just think that women are being lightly hit but the issue is greater than just physically abused. It can create many emotional problems, health issues, being
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Thus. making many men still have the mentality that they can dominate a woman’s life or be in charge of the women by telling her what she can and cannot do. Those guys with that type of mentality are why we still have to deal with domestic violence. Although men in today’s world hurt their partners, we do not know the exact reason for them doing so. Some psychologists say that men who batter women are seeking a sense of power and control over their partners lives, or because they are tremendously dependent on the woman and are threatened by any moves on her part toward independence ( They ultimately want to have control over the their partner so they use the fear factor to do so. They make the women fear them by using physical abuse but this is a mental type of abuse as well. “Studies from Canada and the United States show that men who assault their wives are more likely to be emotionally dependent, insecure and low in self esteem, and are more likely to find it difficult to control their impulses” (Violence by Intimate Partners. S.l.: S.n., 2002. Print). Another cause that might lead a men physically abuse a woman is the excessive drinking of alcohol. It’s very common for the husband to become overly aggressive with alcohol in their system. Alcohol affects the brain and it can no longer function correctly and that’s when they think it’s ok to hit a women. Women change …show more content…
They no longer feel like there respected in any way. Women change in so many ways after being abused, it’s a life changing deed being a victim of domestic violence .There’s countless alterations to the those victims and it’s deeper than just physical abuse. Physical abuse will definitely lead to injuries like bruises, abrasions, even broken bones. Although you might think that physical abuse is only an exterior problem but it’s noted that it can lead to mental problems as well. “ Women who are abused by their partners suffer more depression, anxiety and phobias than nonabused women” (Violence by Intimate Partners. S.l.: S.n., 2002). Thus, this reassures the public that the physical abuse is much greater than the eye can see. Many of the victims start to isolate themselves. “Battered (abused) women often lose family and friends as a result of the battering. First, the batterer isolates them from family and friends. Battered women then become embarrassed by the abuse inflicted upon them and withdraw from support persons to avoid embarrassment” (Lita, Ana).This is no way of living life. A women shouldn’t have to isolate from her family or society. But unfortunately that’s what they start to do and once they start doing this it will most likely lead them to fall in a state of depression. According to a study done in 2000, 60 percent of battered women reported feeling sad or depressed for extended periods of

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