The Effects Of Domestic Violence In The NFL

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Domestic Violence has been broadcasted by the National Football League as an act that shall not go unpunished, but also only results in a two game suspension. Domestic Violence is a crime that has unfortunately gained some popularity in the past few years through the NFL, ruptured communities, and subjects of the crime. Domestic violence is responsible for fragile relationships and some hostile people. Domestic Violence influences the community in the wrong way; it develops bad reputations, fragile communities, and poor relationships. The NFL has increased in their efforts to try and stop domestic violence. They have put forth a new effort to try and stop the players from committing the crime by punishing them in their abilities to play in games. “The league’s response to domestic violence has consisted of some token donations and hires, a scam PSA campaign, and randomly throwing the book at some offenders while ignoring others altogether”. (Petchesky) The NFL tries to show the press that they are trying to convict criminals and punish them but does not show justice across the entire league. The NFL has enacted a suspension policy based on the crimes, which includes the first offense resulting in a two game suspension and the second resulting in suspension for an entire season. The NFL has slacked in the past when trying to punish their players and the media has noted the weakness of their punishment …show more content…
Domestic violence is an issue even among athletes. It creates a visual image of something that society must not accept. Domestic violence causes issues in communities and decreases the chances of the community having new citizens each and every year. Domestic violence also is a bad influence on relationships. It creates a bad interpretation of the partner and also creates a bad memory for the subject that is being

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