Domestic Violence In The NFL

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Domestic Violence in the NFL has become a terrible problem over the years, it has escalated and the NFL is having a difficult time controlling it. Dating back to the O.J Simpson trial in 1994, the NFL had no plan for these types of cases. The old NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue thought that if it didn’t happen on the field it didn’t affect the NFL organization (Barrabi). Imagine that kind of a response now? Our society would be outraged more than they already are about this issue.
Domestic Violence has become such a huge topic in Sports. “Since September 2006, law enforcement authorities have pursued at least 50 domestic violence cases against NFL players, from disputes with women all the way to murder and at least five allegations of assaulting
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The first thing I would do like I stated above is reach out to our youth much more, we need to catch these kids when they are young so they know how wrong it is we cant stress that enough to our kids. We need to imbed these things within them so they can grow up and understand that it’s wrong. It will be hard, but the NFL has Billions of dollars, financially, they could figure it out. The second thing I would do is make sure our High-school coaches were educated and spoke to student-athletes about this topic. Preventing Domestic Violence is MUCH more than handing out a fine, or punishment, the best way to prevent something is stopping it from happening in the first place, instead of athletes not wanting to do it because they will get in trouble, we need to have them not want to do it because they know its WRONG. Developing Domestic Violence programs in our High schools and Colleges are extremely important as well, so by the time they reach the NFL they understand the importance of this topic. Finally I would put in place a very strict punishment within the NFLs organization. Technically right now there isn’t a “set” punishment that the league hands out, there a certain rules and game suspensions but it’s privately investigated and each crime has its own …show more content…
Is that harsh? Absolutely. Society seems to forget that these NFL players are making MILLIONS, they have a lifestyle people dream of, and that’s something that should never be taken for granted. If ANYONE else in the work force beat their wife in an elevator OR any of the domestic chargers you see NFL players getting and the CEO or bosses of that company found the video or caught wind of it, they would be fired from their job immediately. That is what the NFL should do. Don’t just suspend them indefinitely which really just means lets have all this cool down and in a couple of months or next year you will be reinstated like nothing happened.
The NFL has made many bold decisions involving this controversial topic. But its time they make a STATEMENT. Domestic Violence has affected our society for to long now, and the NFL is on way to big a platform to not be helping with this issue. There is no place in the NFL for these types of acts and certainly not in our society. The NFL needs to stand up and do what’s morally right and not what’s best for ratings. Because in reality, right now the NFL cares much more about whose playing on Sundays than they do the safety of our women and

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