Argumentative Essay On Domestic Violence

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Register to read the introduction… 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men have experienced rape, physical violence and/or stalking by an intimate partner in their life time (Sommers, Christina). It’s sad to see that those numbers are small and fairly close to each other. They fact that they might not even know it is even worse. Domestic violence comes down to even high school. 1 in 4 high school dating relationship is violent (Roleff, Tamara). It’s sad to see that this is actually true. The fact that say a 15 year old could be going through abuse by their boyfriend/girlfriend is sickening. But the most sickening fact is that they might even think that it’s normal or that they are in denial for the sake of keeping their boyfriend/girlfriend. Even for the sake of keeping their parents out of their personal life. If a high school student is involved in an abusive relation and someone knows about it, they should be the ones to get help. They should contact a trustworthy teacher or guidance consoler. Even calling an abusive hot line is better than nothing.
Domestic violence is a hard thing to talk about especially when it hits close to home. But knowing that it can happen to anyone is a big issue. It’s needs to be put out in the open more. The fact that people actually only think of stereotypical reasons or facts about domestic violence is totally wrong. Just knowing that it can happen to anyone just means that more people need to help and speak out even
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8 million couples that live together engage in some form of some domestic violence (Roleff, Tamara). This is a hard number to place in your head when thinking about the United States and the fact that this number can be bigger due to the fact that this number is a legitimate estimate on accounted domestic violence cases. Also it is a harsh reality that people are actually severely being beaten. 1.8 million women and 2 million male victims have been severely beaten (Roleff, Tamara). The sad part is that most victims will not press charges. But pressing charges helps take action on your abuser. Helping and backing a person up on the decision to press charges may help them follow through. Also being there or them if they need a place to go if things turn ugly. Moral support is a very effective way of

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