Essay on Abortion, The Process Of Terminating A Pregnancy

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Isaiah Rodriguez
Professor Van Hoff
Comp and Lit 101
16 October 2016

Abortion, the process of terminating a pregnancy, is an extremely controversial issue in terms of morality and politics. While abortion can occur naturally via miscarriage, induced abortion is an intentional procedure involving surgery or medication to terminate a pregnancy. Abortion has been debated by the Supreme Court throughout recent history and by both ends of the political spectrum. This governmental debate has lead to a myriad of social opinions. The various sociological perspectives define a variety of beliefs about abortion and can help people in understanding the recent debate over Planned Parenthood funding.
A 2013 study regarding motives behind induced abortions conducted by BioMed Central found that most respondents who had abortions were white (37%), between the ages of 25 and 34 (38%), single (79%) and nulliparous [never given birth] (38%). Most women (64%) reported multiple motives leading them abort their pregnancies. The top reasons related to inadequate finances (40%), timing (36%) and issues with partners (31%) (Biggs). Sociologists can use objective conditions of abortion like these and measure subjective views to understand people’s attitudes on the subject.
Supreme Court cases regarding abortion rights show that social problems are dynamic and that governmental operations can create social unrest. The landmark case of Roe v. Wade helped to legalize abortion in 1973. The case was…

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