Essay On Limiting Abortion

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Restricting Abortion Statewide restrictive abortion laws increase homicidal deaths among young children (Sen. et al 157). Research has proven that there is a direct correlation among state level laws that regulate abortion services and the numbers of unintended pregnancies in the United States. This information shows a frightening consequence to this polarizing issue that has been heating up the debates among lawmakers. Although those opposed to abortion fight for the life of the unborn child, there is also a dark side to this issue. Those seeking to terminate their pregnancies are most effected by legislation. Teens and poverty stricken single mothers make up this segment of Americans. Their welfare should be addressed in an effort to prevent dangerous consequences. Abortion is certainly a complex issue and has been discussed at length. This deliberate act of pregnancy termination has been recently thrown back into the headlines. Legislation in various states has made access to this controversial practice much more difficult to obtain. The practice is being attacked in several ways including: defunding of planned parenthood, regulations that have forced closures of clinics, and …show more content…
According to an article by Bitler and Zavodny called Child Abuse and Abortion Availability, “‘Unwanted’ children may be more subject to child abuse and neglect by their parents or caretakers than are desired children…”(363). This article goes on to show that evidence suggests that abortion legalization has led to improving the average living conditions for children. This side effect of restrictive abortion laws is one that needs to be addressed. Letting children be born into unhealthy environments that promote neglect and abuse seems far worse then just allowing a women to decide to terminate her pregnancy. Limits on teens and single mothers will lead to increased births and will no doubt increase

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