Abortion, The, And Abortion Essay example

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The dictionary defines abortion as “the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed during the first twenty-eight weeks of pregnancy.” The consideration of having an abortion may be one of the most difficult choices that anyone must make, especially for the female. Many people have their own beliefs, point of view, and opinion, when it comes to abortion. There are those who oppose abortion, support abortion, and those who are neutral on this controversial topic. Many of those who contemplate on whether they should have an abortion or not, typically make the decision for one of these many reasons: Failure of the contraceptive pill or protection, financial reasons, a child out of wedlock, and rape. Going through with the abortion procedure, or the thought of abortion overall causes depression, it negatively affects the female mentally and emotionally.
To terminate a pregnancy, there are two main procedure methods of abortion that one can choose from: medical abortion and surgical abortion. To proceed with any of these procedures largely depends upon the stage of pregnancy and the size of the fetus. Medical abortion is a non-surgical procedure and is done by providing the pregnant female with two pills: Mifepristone, and Misoprostol pill. These two pills are predominantly recommended for women who are eight weeks pregnant or less, and they are only effective when taken together otherwise it will not be effective. The Misoprostol pills is the most…

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