Abortion Pros And Cons Essay

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The Cons of Abortion

Abortion is the act of deliberately terminating a pregnancy, usually performed within the first 28 weeks of the pregnancy. While it is commonly viewed as a modern, scientific advancement in the field of medicine, the first description of an abortion-like procedure dates back to 1550 BCE in an Egyptian medicinal text1. Scientific advancements have now led to two different types of abortion for women to choose from: medical and surgical. Views on abortion vary, ranging from those who are pro-life to those who are pro-choice, and the topic has sparked major controversy throughout the world. However, the cons of abortion heavily outweigh the pros. Abortion can have devastating physiological and psychological effects on the
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In circumstances where the sex was consentual, however unprotected, the mother consciously made that choice and should face the consequences for her neglegent actions. Again, society is promoting the ‘easy way out’ for people who cannot face their mistakes and it is a mistake that will continue to plague mankind. For women consciously deciding to have sex, regardless of age, they should also be able to take responsibility for their actions rather than think it is acceptable to use such an invasive and potentially harmful precedure as a back up contraceptive. Humans naturally teach the act of social and moral responsibility from a young age, and to practice and provide abortions is degrading that knowledge. People can easily start finding easier ways to handle things so they do not have to face the weight of their mistakes and be responsible enough to handle it maturely, which is why abortion should not be practiced. While it may be claimed that abortion is safe, morally correct, and comes without any consequences, that is not the case. As mentioned, abortion goes against many of the modern and traditional teachings of several different religions, it degrades the foundations of basic responsibility people have and can deal with maturely, and can result in devastating psychological and physiological trauma which time may not be able to heal. For the reasons listed it is clear that any and all practices of abortion should be condemned before more innocent lives are wrongfully

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