Abortion Morally Wrong

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Abortion is a procedure that murders innocent lives that cannot defend themselves. People that agree with abortion say that an unborn baby has no constitutional rights, and that it is okay to end a human life because the baby is not an American citizen yet. When a pregnant mother is killed it is considered a double homicide, yet when a baby is aborted it is not considered murder. Abortion is a problem in today’s society, causing a division; it is morally wrong because it is considered to be murder.
Abortion is performed two different ways, both ways have temporary and long term damage to who would have been a mother. Medical abortion is one way to murder a baby; medical abortion is used at an early stage in the pregnancy. This uses a pill
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When a woman is pregnant she is carrying one of God’s creations, and when a woman aborts a baby she is killing one of God’s children; “abortion is murder” (“10 Reasons” 1). In the Ten Commandments God tells us that we shall not kill another human being. When an unborn child is killed it is going against God’s word. There is no more innocent human being on earth than an unborn baby “He continuously opposes and speaks against murder, especially murder of the innocent” (Miller 2). It is hard to believe that some women can call themselves Christian and believe that it is okay to abort an innocent baby. A person is a person at conception “God said to the prophet Jeremiah, ‘Before I formed you in the womb I knew you. Before you were born I set you apart.’ (Jeremiah 1:5)” (Miller 3). There is no more selfish act than abortion, it robs a baby of the chance to live a life. An unborn baby has the right to live without a mother resorting to murder because it being a bother. Even if the child is unwanted there is another option for the mother. Adoption allows people that are unable to have children of their own to become parents and have a family, giving the baby the life he or she deserves. Even rape does not justify abortion. Adoption is a better option giving the child a chance and relieving the mom from guilt in the long run. God loves all his children even the ones that are still in the womb, so why is killing one of his creations should even be considered in the law. It is not up to the mother if the baby gets to live, God decides because he made us. When baby Jesus was in the womb of the virgin Mary from the Book of Luke in the Bible Mary goes to visit her cousin Elizabeth. When Mary spoke the babe is Elizabeth’s womb leapt for joy. This is evidence from the Bible shows unborn children are God’s

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