Abortion Is Your Choice

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It’s Your Choice In the United States as of 2011 for every 1,000 live births there were 219 abortions. A very touchy and sensitive subject in today’s world is abortion, and if the parents of the conceived fetus have the right to choose to get an abortion or not. Many people believe that as soon as conception takes place the result is a living baby. In reality people are confused. This is not the issue that should be argued. The true argument is, weather the fetus is considered a living human being or not, does the parents, or anyone for that matter, have the right to terminate or abort the pregnancy. The answer is yes. There are many acceptable reasons for choosing to have an abortion including health of the fetus, not being ready for the responsibilities of raising a child or even pregnancy resulting from rape. …show more content…
People will try to play the emotions card and try to cloud the truth with a sob story. The truth is the real argument is not whether the fetus is murdered or not; the argument is whether the parents have the right to an abortion. Ever heard the saying “I put you in this world and I can take you out of it.” It may seem cliché but, it is true. The mother and father of the pregnancy are responsible for the pregnancy they are the sole reason for this pregnancy. They may do with it as they please, that is their right. If the parents even have a choice, sometimes they do not. It seems every child that is born these days has something wrong with it. In many cases the mother can have tests done to know about some of these conditions before the child is born. Some parents would rather terminate the pregnancy than have to watch their child grow up and struggle with a disability. This can be a tough decision to make but most of the time termination is for the best. Just because the fetus is heathy does not mean it is best to keep it in all

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