Why Is Abortion Such A Sensitive Topic

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Abortion has always been a sensitive topic for bystanders, and politicians. The reason why abortion is such a sensitive topic is the decision of whether or not the baby inside the womb is alive or not. With abortion, doctors would end a woman’s pregnancy, by removing the fetus, but by doing so the baby will die. In certain states abortion is illegal no matter how far the woman is in their pregnancy, however in California it is legal to have an abortion to a certain extent. Abortion laws do vary from state to state and within the different states there are different requirements to find out if the mother is able to have an abortion or not.
Besides determining if the baby is alive, other complicated issues affect the decision making, to either keep or remove the baby. Nothing is a hundred percent there is always a small chance that something can happen, and when the small percent does happen then decisions are made. There are always other alternatives to abortion, but the alternatives require the person to be aware. Besides the small percent that something can happen, another reason as to why someone may want an abortion is due to sexual assault. With sexual assault it can complicate the
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Even if the mother and father decided to have the abortion, it is not only them who is affected but everybody else as well. The people who are in the workforce may have to work that much longer and that much harder so they can support themselves. The progress of the technology, and medicine may be prolonged if not enough people enter the workforce. But if there are less of a population than the environment would not have to suffer as much. In the end it is up to the mother to decide if she wants to have this abortion or not. She would have to weigh all aspects of life and see if she is capable of caring for a baby or if it is better to remove

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