Pro-Choice: The Pros And Cons Of Abortion

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Pro-Choice In today’s society, abortion is a highly controversial topic. Citizens around the world have varying opinions on whether abortion is murder ,or whether abortion is a legal and personal choice for women. Regardless of opinion, it is a Constitutional right, and women should not be ridiculed for choosing to abort a fetus.
As of January 22, 1973, abortion became a law so that pregnant women may have options. Before this law, abortion was illegal. Miss Jane Roe brought her argument before a court in Texas; her argument was that the abortion laws were unconstitutional on her behalf. Roe claimed to be unmarried and pregnant; Roes wasn’t able to get an abortion because her life was not being threatened by the fetus. In her defense,
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The four different options are Suction Curettage, Mifepristone, Dilation & Evacuation, and Prostaglandins. Two of those, Mifepristone and prostaglandins are drugs. Mifepristone is used for ending a pregnancy within the first 7 weeks. Mifepristone is a steroid given to block progesterone, which is a hormone required for a pregnancy to continue. One must go to the doctor to receive this. It is not available at pharmacies. It takes three separate trips to the doctor to complete this abortion. On the first visit, one will discuss the risks, along with the benefits. There must be signed agreement for this procedure to begin. Three tablets are given to take. On the third day, if there is still a fetus, one will be given two more tablets to take. Mifepristone has side effect: cramps, nausea, diarrhea, and others. A doctor may provide medicine to subdue these symptoms(8). A drug used during the second trimester to end a pregnancy is Prostaglandin. This drug causes muscle contractions that dislodge the fetus. Suction Curettage is a method used by doctors. This procedure is used during the first trimester. The process is performed at the doctor’s office: first, the doctor stretches the cervix, this makes the uterus open (this may take multiple hours), doctors …show more content…
Many say it should not because the fetus has human rights, but someone who is pro-choice may not agree with that statement. A fetus does not become a person until they become viable, or able to live out of the womb. Most people who don’t oppose abortion say it is only because some people are raped or are in incestuios relationships that they have no control over. Before abortion was legal to everyone, it was only available to women who were harmed by the pregnancy. If the mother’s health comes first, isn’t that implying that a mother is more important than than child. Many people believe that fetuses aren't humans and should not have our rights. 1.5 million abortions are performed each year. 4000 abortions are performed daily. Science has a different opinion on abortion (3). In order to be considered a human, one must have a personality. Pro-Choice activists have argued the life begins at contraception but it does not. It takes 10 days for anything to begin developing. It is not until about the 4th week of a pregnancy that a heart beat is found. In order to be a human, one must have 46 chromosomes. However, 46 chromosomes are not found in every human being. Would that make the humans with an extra or one less unhuman

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