Is Abortion The Right Choice Essay

Bradley 1
Leilani S. Bradley

Walter Moody

English 4 (P)

15 December 2016

Is Abortion the Right Choice? In life we have many choices to choose from. Sometimes our choices are good and sometimes they are bad. They can helps us and they can hurt us, In some cases we are even forced to make decisions we are against. When it comes to abortion, it is a women choice to have this done, however is abortion the right choice? BACKGROUND: ABORTION Abortion is a way a women can remove a baby during a pregnancy, especially during the first six months. There are two different ways an abortion is performed; surgically or medication. The way the RU-486 works, the
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Some girls will get an abortion because they are underage and their parents would disown them if they found out they were pregnant. Having an abortion gives women control of their own power. A good thing about the procedure is the fetuses can’t feel pain when abortion is happening. In addition, modern day procedures are safe and do not cause lasting health issues such as cancer and infertility (“Top Pro & Con Arguments”). “Yes , A …show more content…
I think they shouldn’t get rid of the law that girls can get an abortion because girls do get rapped and end up pregnant and of course they don 't want that child. It 's a bad memory for them why would they want to keep a nightmare for the rest of their life. I would not want to have that child myself. Another situation would be if you get pregnant you could die if you had the baby. Yes i think women should use some source of birth control, but not all birth control things work. Women should also think twice before having sex with someone. Women should ask themselves: Is this the right decision? What if i become pregnant? Am I able to take care of the baby and myself? If feel that this law has actually helped a lot of babies because some children should not grow up in a awful environment. Some women are not capable of taking care of a child so what 's best for them is abortion. If a women can Bradley 5 barely take care of themselves i do not think they should bring a child into this world. Women need to be more aware of their bodies when it comes to abortion because it has a lot of side

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