Argumentative Essay: The Legalization Of Abortion

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What would happen if you were aborted? Would you still advocate for abortion in your afterlife? The answer to this question presents one of the biggest moral dilam Abortion is legal in America. It seems like a progressive thought. We come across as a liberated people, a people conscious of women 's right. Fair enough. As we rally in the streets and sit in the conference rooms to pass women 's liberation laws, we forget that our decision involve murdering our own flesh and blood. Yes, abortion is murder. Scientists have already established that at eight weeks a human fetus has life. The question is, who protects the rights of these unborn humans? The society is always inclined in protecting the lives of the mothers and forgetting that the …show more content…
For instance, in her profession, Dr Deborah Nucatola who happens to be the Senior director of Medical Services at Planned Parenthood admits to selling the parts of the body of unborn children and also using the partial-birth abortions to supply other intact body parts (Planned Parenthood). In allowing abortion to take place only leads to much problems. This is murder in its most foul manner. The legalization of abortion would only bring about even more murders and the illicit trade. In as much as no one at the institution would admit, what they are committing is murder in its actual sense. If an institution such as Planned Parenthood can do it 898 times each day, what numbers would others reach if abortion is legalized? This translates to the fact that for every 1000 women that get into planned parenthood, 897 would come out without their babies thus showing the problem that is prevalent in the society (Planned Parenthood). This is done against the Federal law as selling any human body part is a breach of the law. In allowing abortion, the government and other pro-abortion groups would be conspiring in the murder of many lives. It would also mean an orchestration by the government in using the tax payers money to enhance the murder and promote the illicit trade of body organs. Abortion should be made as illegal as murder is in all

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