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A shortage of health care providers is a common problem seen throughout the United States. This shortage is felt in both the inpatient and outpatient setting. It is essential that the nation looks for creative ways to provide patients with needed medical care in a timely manner. The utilization of Advance Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs) has shown to be very effective in this healthcare provider crisis. This paper will discuss the significant role that an APRN has on health care and what skills are required in order to fulfill the responsibilities within this role. It will also describe my personal plan of how I intend to impact healthcare delivery as I enter into my new role as a future nurse practitioner.
Significance of Practitioner
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They will also need to be proficient in the areas of communication, leadership, and decision making. Communication is an essential part of delivering high quality care to patients. An APRN must facilitate collaboration between all members of the team in order to enhance teamwork. By improving communication, a triple aim concept can be achieved that will improve the quality of care, lower healthcare costs, and enrich patient experiences (Gordon, Deland, & Kelly, 2015). It will also help prevent medical errors. This role also brings the responsibility of leadership. Members of the team will look to the APRN for guidance and they will be viewed as role models. It is essential that the APRN has good decision making skills and the ability to adequately calculate risks in order to strategically solve problems. All of these skills will not only provide better care for the patient, but it will enhance the overall teamwork of the members. This reinforces just how involved the APRN is and the impact they have on the overall healthcare …show more content…
I will look beyond a person’s physical disease, and look at all aspects of their health and well-being. I will incorporate the patient’s spiritual beliefs, mental needs, emotional status, and environmental influences. Holistic care will allow me to view the patient’s mind, body, and spirit as one. I believe that spiritual healing is a major component of physical healing. I intend to have a Christ-Centered practice that provides patients with prayer and scripture to comfort them in an assortment of situations. I intend to incorporate my love for God into my practice on a daily basis. A patient’s faith in God and their spiritual needs are an important component to include when treating the patient. By incorporating holistic care into my practice, I will provide my patient’s with the best care available. The way we practice medicine is changing, and holistic care provides me an avenue to share my love and faith in God with my patients and their

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