A Visit At The Mall Essay

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A Trip to The Mall It was bright and sunny. I was nearly five years old. The family piled into the red, Ford Explorer. It had leather seats that would burn the backs of your legs if the car had been sitting in the sun for too long. Anna was only two years old at the time. She sat strapped in her carseat, fumbling with her favorite rattle. “Is everyone in?” asked my mom. She was always worrying about leaving someone behind or accidentally running over someone while backing out. “Yes,” we answered in a monotone voice as if we had been asked the question one hundred times before. My dad began to back out of the driveway. Anna waved at our little house with the big brown star on the front. I wasn 't sure why she waved goodbye every time we left the house. Whether we were going on a road trip or a short visit to the grocery store, she always gave her farewells to the house. I watched the house get smaller the farther we drove away. “Are you excited to go to the mall, girls?” asked my mother. “I want toy!” Anna shrieked. My parents laughed at her. Great I thought, I have to put up with her squealing the whole way to the mall. I knew my parents always favored Anna more than me. She got away with everything. All she had to do was flash her classic puppy dog face at my parents. They could never say no to that. She also always got more than me. When Christmas came around, I would race to see the presents Santa had left for us. Every gift I picked up seemed to have Anna’s name…

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