A Successful Information Technology Manager Essay

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To be a successful information technology manager there are a few traits that are essential to possess to sustain prolonged success. Most of them are industry driven, such as maintaining a proficiency in technology, understanding industry trends. Another would be professional traits like understanding your company’s strategic vision, and exceling in project management. Lastly, success in business can be attributed to traits that are more interpersonal rather than technologically driven, examples such as simply being patient and a good listener.
As we learned in Jon Inge’s article, “Why Aren’t Hotels Quicker to Adopt Innovative Technology?” a primary problem plaguing the industry is simply there aren’t many of these tech-savvy hoteliers (Inge, p. 38). Technology in the hospitality industry changes almost on an everyday basis. Therefore, in order to continue to be a successful information technology manager a core focus should be on continued training so that you can utilize technology to its fullest capabilities (Woods, 2012). There are numerous ways to attain more in depth knowledge concerning current industry trends. There are various seminars and certification courses available both in a classroom setting as well as those that can be found online. For service-oriented [hospitality management] programs that have both vocational and conceptual objectives, focuses have been put more on the competencies that are expected and required for success at workplace (Cheung…

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