Hotel And Lodging Industry Case Study

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The Untold Truth of the Global Hotel Industry Employee loyalty runs deeper than thread count: In an Assessment of employment quality in hotels/ There is a difference between how hotel management treats their employees compared to their loyal guests they serve on a day-to-day basis.
The hotels and motels we know today evolved from small, one-room, private dwellings that served merchants as early as 500 B.C.E. From the earliest beginnings, the hotel and lodging industry has come to play a crucial role in the development of trade, commerce, and travel throughout the world. The first hotel constructed in the United States was the 73-room City Hotel located at 115 Broadway in downtown New York City in the year 1794; the City Hotel
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In any region, travel and tourism could only be enhanced once the tourists and photographers tend to market the area. Due to the anticipation of tourists, the hotel and lodging industry blooms to fit the overwhelming population of the tourists. Hence, the hotel and lodging industry copes up with the ultimate goal of satisfying its guests, which markets their reputation through a grapevine network. The hotel and lodging industry basically deal with the provision of services to their guests, which include, food, and, accommodations that a guest would benefit from in any hotel. In addition to this, the hotel and lodging Industry has to follow the ethical standards undergoing its employees as well as its guests. However, the hotel and lodging management seems to focus more on its guests than its hardworking and dedicated hourly employees, which triggers a conventional debate of hourly employees and their supervisors. (Kusluvan, pg. 400-412, …show more content…
Psychologically when people are away from their home, they expect to benefit from the best hospitality from the hotel’s staff. Therefore, the hotel and lodging industry is one of the major tools that reflect the hospitality of the town, city and country. Some of the important groups and associations that look out for the rights of the hotel employees are:
American Hotel and Lodging Association
The American Hotel and lodging association is one of the most important and influential associations that supervises the hospitality industry within the United States. This association also manages different issues and people be it hotel employees, guests, faculty and any other person related to hotel and lodging industry. The employees of the hotels in this association are given equal and fair importance (AH&LA).
American Hotel & Lodging Association Educational

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