Lens Crafter Analysis

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Lens Crafters has been in business since 1983 and used a unheard off method of offering customers a set of glasses within one hour. They broke the mold on this idea giving copy cats such as Vision Works something they can use. The company has been able to evolve over time and keep up with demand and technology. They have used operations Management Successfully over the years to continue to be a major competitor in eye care needs. LensCrafters ability to keep up with technology, good customer service, appealing stores and payment options have put them above other companies offering the same or similar product.
Lens Crafters has a reverence for eyes that drives them to provide the highest quality vision care in each of their locations. They
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One example of this is the quiz you can take asking a series of questions about your style choices and narrowing down the hundreds of frame choices down to a select few that meet your requirements. Once you have narrowed it down you can use the my look app by Lens Crafters (LensCrafters, 2017). This is an app that allows you to view yourself wearing several of the eyeglass options so you can make the best choice. If you find that you’re still having a hard time deciding then you can send those pictures to friends and family to get a second opinion. The app may be the most popular among customers but the most important is the eye exam technology that gives you a fast and accurate view of the health your eyes and the best prescription if needed. For example they use digital technology to enhance the eye exam. The eye experts at Lens Crafters use advance diagnostics that have been put in place of older testing methods. In fact, the familiar Snellen eye chart, with its rows of decreasingly smaller type may be the only old school tool you’re likely to recognize (LensCrafters, 2017). After that, it’s high tech all the way. Another benefit to this digital technology would be the use of the AccuFit digital measurement system which determines an exact location of your pupil. This technology enhances the ability to measures your eyes five times more accurately …show more content…
A company has to keep up with technology to keep up with technology in order to produce a product productively and service the customer demand. Some would argue that technology plays an essential role in business and involves the individual, society and nature. Technological advances over the years has had a major effects on each of these entities and are, in turn, influenced by them. Technology has given companies the ability to develop innovative products and services more efficiently to keep up with demand. If you fail to adjust to the ever changing flow of technology your company will fail to compete. As technology continues to evolve Operations Management teams need to find a way to leverage and exploit it (David A Collier, 2013). The level of importance between business and technology will continue to grow increasing the emphasis top managers must place on their companies' ability to compete through technology (David A Collier,

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