Becoming An Effective Manager Essay

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The best manager I have had was a past program director. She was with the program for twenty years and a few years ago she was promoted to the Administrative office. She is now the Human Resource Director for the agency. She is a very efficient, hardworking woman who cares deeply for her employees. I loved working under he because she is extremely organized and clear on what she expects. She delegates very well and is amazing at handling multiple projects at one time. When she handed you a project, she would make it very clear what was expected of you and when it was due. She would then leave you alone to do it. She has confidence in her employees to get the job done, but she was very approachable if you needed help. Working under her, I always felt that I knew what was expected of me and when it was expected. This made working for her a pleasure.
Due to her organizational skills, putting together meetings under her guidance was a breeze. This was one of the huge factors of her receiving such a big promotion into the Administrative department. She now organizes the agency meetings, board meetings and outside vendor meetings. She
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It is really important that managers have very strong interpersonal and time management skills. I feel that at least being strong with these two skills will help you develop the remaining skills you need to become an effective manager. If you can relate to and motivate your employees, while building trust and loyalty with those you deal with, you will be able to build a strong foundation. With strong time management skills, you’ll be able to be effective and productive with your time and the time of your employees.
At this point, I don’t feel that I have the skill set to walk into a managerial position. I am an organized individual with the ability to see what needs to be done and prioritize, but I don’t have the interpersonal skills needed to lead a

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