A Study on Consumer Satisfaction Towards Samsung Television Essay

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Television today has become an essential and important media for business, news, entertainment etc. while it was a mere source of education and curiosity when it came into being. Television has been revolutionized with the application of satellite technology; variety of channels from different countries can be viewed at our homes by a mere installation of a dish antenna. Hence, it made true the statement of yesterday’s luxurious are today’s necessaries. The credit for the revival in TV industry largely goes to the satellite and cable television boom. In today’s life television has become a necessity rather than a source of entertainment. Television once called as the idiot box is now considered as the intelligent box.
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Although the entry of MNC’S did not make an impact initially, aggressive marketing strategies and innovative consumer friendly schemes has resulted in a sharp rise in their market share.

At present many international brands like Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, Philips, LG, and Thomson etc. are competing with Indian brands such as BPL, Videocon, and ONIDA etc. to capture Indian markets. These aggressive marketing strategies have resulted in making the consumer the major key for success in the industry. Each product offering is now designed to meet and exceed the expectations of the consumer. But understanding consumer behaviour and knowing consumers is never simple. Customers may say one thing but do another. They may not be in touch with their deeper motivations. They may respond to influences that change their minds at the last moment. Small companies such as a corner grocery store and huge corporations stand to profit from understanding how and why their consumers buy.

1.2.1. Market

The term market may be considered as a convenient meeting place where buyers and sellers gather together for the exchange of goods and services. Market means a group of people having unmet wants, purchasing power to make their demand effective and the will to spend their income to fulfill those wants. Today market is equated with the total demand. The American marketing association defines a

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