Bee Cheng Hiang Bk Kwa Case Study

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Name of Product : Bee Cheng Hiang – Bak Kwa
Mission Aim to be the leader in the distribution, retailing and franchising of bak kwa in the highly competitive food industry. (Bee Cheng Hiang, 2014)

Vision To be Asia’s leading food company by providing quality products and services in the international markets. (Bee Cheng Hiang, 2014)

Segmentation Demographic Segment:
Individuals (18 years old onwards), Families
Behavioral Segment:
Families gathering through occasions to bond and eat together.
Positioning More than 80 years of experience in the food industry with its unique recipe and advancement
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Opportunity – Korea (foreign country)
• International expansion into more countries by utilizing the manufacture advantage in South Korea owing to its production factory.
• Increase public and brand awareness by sponsoring various events.
• Emerging recognition of Singapore’s product and image with good reputation.
• Korean’s strong interest in food-related news, pictures and videos.
• Influences of the social media and internet that causes hype towards the food trend in South Korea.
• Exploiting the use of social media as platforms to reach out to more consumers especially the younger generations, as South Korea is one of the country with the highest usage of cellphones and great Wi-Fi coverage. Threat – (foreign country)
• Substitution product such as Meat Jerky poses strong competing market towards Bee Cheng Hiang.
• Rivalry of the same genre of products such as Lim Chee Guan Bak Kwa would poses a strong threat if it enters the market of South Korea as well.

Explain/elaborate SWOT (one paragraph each)
PESTEL – FOR FOREIGN COUNTRY (South Korea) – back up with relevant data and

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