A Study On Micro Teaching Essay examples

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Micro-teaching Report
My microteaching experience was very beneficial to me, in the sense that it developed my confidence as well as focused on areas that need improvement. It was an interesting training opportunity to benefit from. Also, microteaching was a fun experience that we as trainee teachers to teach our peers a micro lesson, which ranged from 5 to 10 minutes. After every mini lesson, we received a review about it from our tutor who observes our performance in addition to feedback from our classmates.
Micro-teaching was not my first teaching experience because I had had a one-month internship in a private high school, before I enrolled for TEFL program at ENS-Rabat. But micro-teaching was very different because it gave me control of the classroom and allowed me to create and plan my own lesson plans. All the lesson plans were based on units from Gateway to English first year baccalaureate. I had the chance to teach four micro lessons (lexis, listening, writing, and speaking) in which I tried to apply what I had seen in theory in the other courses.
I was able to observe many of my classmates teach before me. I think the experience of observing most of them was valuable for I had the chance to be exposed to different teaching styles and strategies, as well as to brainstorm my own strategies. The first micro-teaching assignment was to plan a lesson to teach lexis in context. One of my objectives for this assignment was to devise and use a visual aid efficiently to…

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