Essay about A Speech On My Junior Year Of High School

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Courage to Speak up I have always hated high school from the day I left middle school, until my junior year of high school. For myself, it felt like being in jail; I say that because you had no freedom, you had to eat what they provided for you, had a dress code, and behave how they wanted you to. The beginning of my junior year of high school was a difficult time for myself, so I made the decision to drop out. Months had gone by, and I realized that it was a huge mistake. I returned at the end of my junior year to an alternative high school because they accept students quarterly. The first few weeks back in school, I began to enjoy it, but little did I know the school board was planning on shutting down the school. After hearing this news, I was shocked and confused. I never planned on becoming a spokesperson for the school, but it happened, I learned a lot, and I am glad I did. My time at the alternative high school really changed my opinion in many different ways. It made me realize that education was key to a successful career and lifelong learning. Along with that, I had always heard of the stereotypes about the students who attended the “alternative high schools”, yet I believed it because I never took the time to understand. I began to love it there, because the teachers there were very helpful, and they were more than a teacher they were someone you trusted. I felt like a different person after being there as a result of it my grades were all A’s and B’s. It was…

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