A Research Study On The Personality Trait, Shyness, And Social Networking Sites

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The authors did a considerable amount of research prior to conducting this study. Prior to this study, Madell and Muncer had found that those who were shy used emails less than those who were not shy. Madell and Muncer elaborated that they believed that individuals who were shy utilized email less due to less amount of email contacts. They concluded that shyness neither encouraged nor inhibited use of online communication. McKenna and Bargh suggested that factors including anonymity and conquering the obstacle of physical attractiveness would be more favorable to computer communication users. Ward and Tracey also found that individuals who were shy were more likely engage in an online relationship. This previous research found helped guide the authors’ study and provided insightful useful information. The purpose of the study was to determine if the personality trait, shyness, was related to the usage of the social networking site, Facebook. There were three hypotheses. The first hypothesis was that individuals who were shy would have less Facebook friends than those who were not shy. The second hypothesis was that more shy individuals were the more time they would spend on Facebook. The third and final hypothesis was that individuals who were shy would have more positive feelings about Facebook.
The participants in the study were gathered through a university in southwestern Ontario’s participant pool. There were 16 men in the study and 87 women in it. The age ranged from…

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