A Research Study On Health Communication Essay

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voluntary, confidential, and available at any given time. Even though the quantity and quality of services provided differ from organization to organization, they usually give individuals who are experiencing personal or work-related issues access to in-training, assistance, and support from counselors either within or outside the organization.
Health communication messages should be as precise as possible, for example “Eat 5 a Day” versus “Eat a Healthy Diet”. For the reason that individuals of the general public cannot be expected to understand what terms like “healthy diet” and “moderate physical activity” mean, program planners and health communicators should determine how their audiences perceive such concepts and define them more clearly if research shows this to be necessary. Research should include formative research, pretesting of concepts and messages, and monitoring during the implementation of the program (REFERENCE).
Media advocacy is defined as the strategic use of mass media and their tools, in combination with community organizing, for the purpose of advancing healthy public policies (REFERENCE). Since the underlying foundations of health disparities extend to social, economic, and political conditions, media advocacy, which moves beyond the attention of the individual, holds promise as one form of health communication to address health disparities. An example of such a campaign is the Uptown Coalition in Philadelphia, which utilized the media and community…

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