Essay about A Research On Business Management

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As I walked into my interview with Dr. Lisa Calvano, I did not have the impression that research took in any part of business management. After having a meeting with her, I learned exactly how important research is to the discipline. Research in business management is a systematic investigation that helps to answer complications within businesses. Research in the field contributes to management understanding and knowledge. Information from research is usually produced by the classical methods: statistical data and analysis, interview data, and survey data, like stock prices. Researchers, especially in business management must be careful to declare their found research as credible. Research in business management abides by ethical thinking. Researchers evaluate their found data properly and recognize that specified data may be confidential. Most data that management researchers find are private and, intended to be kept that way. When researchers question the ethics behind their research, they look to The Institutional Review Board and occasionally “The Code of Ethics”. The Institutional Review Board is a council that was instituted to review and authorize any and all research engaging humans. The purpose of the committee is to protect human subject research and to ensure it is regulated according to federal, institutional and ethical guidelines. The “Code of Ethics”, also known as the “Code of Conduct”, is a basis that outlines how professionals are expected to approach…

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