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Manager Interview Final Exam Being a manager is not easy, it takes a lot of responsibility, planning, effort, commitment, leadership skills, and communication skills. Interviewing a manager that has been working as a manager for more than at least three years helped me have an idea of what it feels like to be a manager.
While interviewing Holly Riser, a full time manager at a retail store named Rue 21, I learned that being a manager is not just about leading your co-workers; there is a lot more to it. It is important for managers to be good communicators, but it is also important for them to be organized and prepared for any outcomes that could happen in the future. If they do not have an organized plan, it could affect them from reaching
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Planning and organizing is very importance because it helps you become very orientated, leading and keeping things under control helps you accomplish goals. Having good communication skills is strongly used everywhere you go; it shows how good you are with people, how well you cope with obstacles, and in result you will get treated well due to how well you treat other people. All these skills, tips, and information are very useful; I will always remember them and put them to use because for my career they are very important and they are the key for me to be successful. Whether I work in groups, alone, or lead a team, those skills are going to be put to use because they are the key for success in the business world.
Holly Riser provided me with a lot of information on how to be a good manager and also gave me good examples on some of the obstacles she sometimes has to face. Interviewing her was the final piece to fully understanding how important the role of a manager is. Our book, The Fundamentals of Management, is a very helpful book that I would recommend to everybody who wants to study the field of Business. It helps you understand the importance of being a manager and how communication is a very effective skill that you need to have to become successful with the people that you work

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