A Report On Culture Change Essay

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Culture Change
It is very clear that the DDOT had a poor organizational culture, which was expressed by members who had little freedom in their duties, and where norms were not sufficiently clear to employees. DDOT first move towards a culture shift was the Institutionalization of Performance Management. For instances, employees were now evaluated based on a set of essential competencies. Further, the institutionalization of performance culture began to use the concept of cascading goals. This is an important concept in today’s working environments because this approach allows managers to align individuals’ objectives with the agency’s objectives. The organization 's goals, and plans are cascaded down to all divisions and individuals, ensuring that the everyone is aiming towards the same objectives. There were The Developing a Data-Based Decision-Making was another change. For example, the adoption of techniques such as lean six-sigma, enriched efficiency and customer service by improving service delivery. This method allowed the elimination of waste, and the agency was able to focus their efforts in the most important services.
Better-Aligned Communication Strategy: The DDOT created a call center in 2011 to help inhabitants navigate the organization and direct inquiries to the correct representative. It is relevant to note that today 's society is characterized by impatience and intolerance. Citizens want their concerns resolved as soon as possible, they do not want to…

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