A Reflection On Micro Teaching Reflection Essay

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Megann Schmidt
Micro Teaching Reflection

Please attach your completed microteaching lesson plan, together with a short reflection on your microteaching activity, after you teach your lesson.

1. How did you decide what to teach?

My partner and I decided what we were going to teach by talking about subjects we understand in either of our study areas, so Annie told me what she knows about biology and I told here what I know about english. We came to a conclusion that it would be best to teach about the parts of speech because it was something we both understood very well and it would fit the time scale of our lesson. We also thought it would be a good thing for our audience because it wouldn 't be over their heads, but also would challenge them a little bit to remember all the parts of speech they have previously learned.

2. Describe your objectives/goals. (What did you want your "students" to learn?)

Our objectives and goals with this assignment were to review the parts of speech with our class so they would be able to identify, define, and give examples of each part. Additionally, we wanted to tell the class about meaningful ways they could determine and remember parts of speech, so we both decided it would be good to get the students asking questions about words while trying to identify parts of speech. That is why we suggested good questions to ask to help you identify a part of speech. This not only helps the students think about parts of speech, but it also…

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