A Plan For Continuous Improvement Essay

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Continuous Improvement
We, team Alpha knows the importance of teamwork, and without it neither team member would have experienced a successful outcome. However, as we reflect on the progress thus far, we both realize that to sustain what we have built, we must create a plan of action for continuous improvement. Creating a corrective action plan will provide us with a step-by-step approach to strengthen our team, as we make this a vital part of our team culture (Johnston, 2016). We examined the overall design of our team; the climate we use to build and sustain our interpersonal connectedness; implemented resources; and the norms and procedures we have developed. We realize that that is continuous improvements needed in all areas. As a result our team has developed a corrective action plan to assist with these improvements. In creating our action plan, team Alpha was able to recognize alternative behaviors that would lead to a better team performance. We as a team have taken note of the current behaviors that guide our team, and while most of them are positive, we realize that there’s always room for improvements. Our Corrective action plan will help us to bridge the gap between what we are currently doing to what we should be doing (Johnston, 2016).
We understand that continuous improvements are on going events, and making small improvements over a period of time can lead to success. However, it is vital that all team members are committed and are expected to…

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