A Mission Statement For Health Care Essay

1249 Words Jan 24th, 2016 null Page
With health care being one of the leading organizations having Missions, Values, Visions, and philosophy within a Mission Statement shows what the organization strives for within patient care. In any type of corporation “Statements of mission, vision, and values that purport to describe why they exist and set aspirational direction” (Moghal, 2012). When patients are deciding on what healthcare provider the would like caring for them, they should be going right to the company’s website and reading their mission statement. A mission statement allows for patients to envision the type of care that should be and is expected from the health care team. I work for an organization called Advocate Health Care and have been with the company for over six years. “Advocate, a faith-based, nonprofit health system based in the Chicago suburbs, is the largest health system in Illinois” (Beckers Health care, 2016) as well as “Ruven Health Analytics named it as one of its 15 Top Health Systems in 2014, and many of its hospitals make Truven 's list of 100 Top Hospitals and are Magnet-recognized for nursing excellence” (Beckers Healthcare, 2016). If you are from the Chicagoland area you will most likely see an Advocate physicians group or Advocate immediate care every few blocks. I am so thankful to work for a company whose hospitals are striving to all become Magnet Hospitals. As of last week, Advocate Healthcare bought over 58 Walgreens clinicians and now will be “Advocate Clinic at…

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