A Message For The Last Week Essay

1772 Words Sep 12th, 2016 8 Pages
For the last week I struggled with what I was going to write my paper on. I wanted a paper that had this amazing message as well as being well written. I wanted message that the reader could be touched by, a message that they continued to think about, a message that they could apply to their own daily lives, and a message that could even bring the nonbeliever closer to God. As the week went on I thought desperately on what this message could be about. I even wrote two pages of what I thought would be a good starting message for everyone. It wasn’t until I went golfing this weekend that I received a message of my own. A message that would change the way I think for the rest of my life.

After I finished playing eighteen holes, I started my journey home by ordering an uber. When I ordered the uber the drivers picture came up as it always does. At first glance of the man picking me up I thought to myself. Wow, this man looks rough. He looks as if he could even be a criminal. A few short minutes of waiting the man called me and said he was lost. By this time I was already tried from the being outside in the hot sun all day, and was in no mood to be annoyed by this man incomitance of not being able to follow simple instructions from google maps. I kept my calm and politely explained directions to me. After I hung up the phone I thought to myself; for someone that does this for a living they aren 't very good at it. I normally do not think this negative but I think with the…

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